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Hello, I’m Fairien,

Welcome to the  Financially Savvy Society, where we talk about finance in plain simple english and make it relatable. We remove the jargon and technical terms. We make finance easy to understand and teach you how to improve your financial wellbeing.

We make finance fun, sexy and fabulous.

I have been helping people like you learn how to manage their personal finance and build their wealth for the last 20 years.

I’m passionate about empowering and inspiring you with education, confidence and skills. I want you to be able to build yourself a life of financial security and live a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

I look forward to helping you, on your journey to living a life of abundance and enjoying financial freedom.

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I love that I am finally in control of my own personal wealth and on track to achieve my goals.


Being a member of the Financially Savvy Society has helped me manage my budget and improve my financial literacy.


Fairien just gets me and my goals. Being a part of FSS is like an extended friendship group for me.

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